1.After we sign the contract with Benya Group, when can we see the results?

The results are efforts of Benya Group & the Hotel puts in together. After we sign the contract, we run an S.W.O.T analysis. To anticipate the results. Results can start appearing from the first month or in some cases after a few months. Increase in revenue depends on competitive pricing and also on the seasons. It is critical that we are able to work closely and collaborate with the hotel effectively to have optimal results. Prompt response from the hotel to Benya Group is very important for us to implement the strategies to increase the revenue.

2.Does Benya Group have multiple hotels in the same location?

Yes Benya Group does have multiple hotels in the same location. However we do not sign up with a competitor hotel of our existing client’s hotel if it is within 1 kilometer radius and if they happen to have the same price range and category.

3.Can Benya Group offer a model where we pay on results?

Benya Group has a great offer where you pay a small Refundable deposit fee and pay only on results.

4.How can Benya Group assist the hotel to improve its ranking on OTA’s?

There are several aspects which need to be focused. Once the hotel is on an Online Travel Agent. We start identifying the hotel competitive set. Pricing is critical. We have to have competitive pricing to other relevant competitor hotels. Once the pricing is in place. Then we work closely with the Online Travel Agents to identify all promotional opportunities on an ongoing basis. We will also advise the hotel on many other ways to improve their ranking for example the availability is also a very important aspect to optimize the ranking.

5.How do we communicate with Benya Group after signing the contract?

Benya Group provides a system called BRC (Benya Request Center). The hotel can send us all the daily requests like close/open allotments, increase/decrease inventory or any general request via BRC 7 days a week. All the requests sent from the hotel will generate a case number and will show the current status of the hotel’s request. Apart from that we are reachable on the office phone on working day: Monday – Friday working Hours: 9am – 6pm.

6.Does Benya Group help the hotel with rate & inventory updates on all OTAs?

Yes Benya Group will always update the rate & inventory for the hotel on all the Online Travel Agents.

7.Does Benya Group send us regular monthly reservation reports?

Every month Benya Group will create reservations report highlighting the performance of all the OTA’s, which will help the hotel understand on which OTA their hotel has performed well in the previous month and on which OTA we need to improve our performance. Samples of these reports are available on request.